Spilled popcorn and some baseball

We were definitely ‘that’ family the other night.  You know, the one that gets up from the middle seats of the row twenty-five times.

In one inning.

Because popcorn, water bottles, and soft pretzels don’t walk themselves to the seats.

And because…

“I gotta go potty, Mommy.”

“Can you wait just a few minutes until the inning is over?”

“Nooooo.”  Dance, dance, dance.

We sacrificed a sippy cup to the gods of the stadium (sorry, clean-up crew, for EVERYTHING), which bothered Guy very little since there were so many other fun things to grab and to hold.

Like the beer cup sitting in the holder behind my seat, belonging to other people.  Which was perfectly within reach.

I had my own beer cup, of course. (Which was emptied quickly, don’t judge.)  Nell thought it would be funny to put the empty cup on the shoulder of the person in front of us.

“I am so sorry,” Greg said.

“I didn’t even notice!” the woman replied.  She smiled, and I really think she wasn’t totally lying.

I brought snacks as a diversionary tactic, however Nell only wanted things that required cash at concessions stands, and Guy was only interested in having an Oreo cookie, which he smeared over his face and hands like war paint.

“Oh my goodness,” the woman next to me said when she spotted him shoving the chocolate into (and around) his mouth.

“It’s okay. I have wipes,” I said.  She smiled, and I really think it wasn’t all pity.

We made it through the 5th inning, at which point the kids’ eyes were starting to droop and their tolerance for three hard seats was definitely up.  I carried Guy, and G carried Nell as we made our way out of the stadium.  And as the two of them walked, she dropped piece after piece of popcorn behind him like a fairy tale trail.

A cop offered to take our picture as we were leaving.


Apparently, there was also a baseball game.


A Baby Went to Brooklyn

Something amazing is happening right now.  I am on my computer, Nellie is next to me, and yet I am not fighting her for possession of my keyboard.  That is because Nellie has her own laptop.

As part of her birthday extravaganza in NY this weekend with Aunt K, she came home with her very own learning laptop.  It looks like mine, it sounds like mine (if mine spelled the alphabet), it has a full-color screen like mine, but — blissfully — it’s not mine.  This battery-operated wonder is the best thing that ever happened to my productivity.

We slogged in traffic for six hours on Friday, delayed by my emergency appointment with an oral surgeon.  But as soon as we got there, vacay was on.  Nellie went straight into her London Olympics shirt that K picked up in, of course, London (just hours before, strangely enough), and we hauled over to Liz’s place for our opening ceremony British party.

Cheese, beer, and a-mazing homemade battered fish and chips.  Plus a show on television that included a meadow and other strange things.  All of that, and Nellie’s favorite part was her nighttime bath in Liz’s giant jet tub.

Saturday morning might as well have been Christmas.  Nellie got to open her birthday presents, and then we headed into the city to take Nellie to Times Square.

The first train that entered into the subway station scared her, and she never really warmed to the idea of public transportation, but she was fascinated by Times Square, Toys R Us, and all the people everywhere.  So much so that she never napped.

So that was awesome.

For a truly NY experience, we packed into Carnegie Deli with the rest of NY for a mile-high sandwich and (for the little one) a plate full of macaroni and cheese.

She mostly enjoyed sticking her hand in the cup of water.

After lunch, it was back home, new clothes, and off to the Yankees Red Sox game!

As we always do, we brought along a token Sox fan.

After a two-hour rain delay, the game finally started, and it was awesome.  We left when Nellie fell asleep and before the Yankees blew it in the 9th.  I would say we had great timing, but she screamed on the train for the last five stops or so, so we were ‘those people’ for an eternity.

We had to leave early this morning, and so I think it’s fair to say it was the fastest weekend ever. But SO. Much. Fun.

Back in Action

My camera is alive again, with thanks to Amazon for their super speedy delivery times and super affordable electronic parts.  Nellie celebrated this news with a big drink.

She also helped to make dinner.  Her current favorite: gnocchi. (She ripped her hair out — I do not actually style her like this.)

Speaking of Nellie, she’s reverted to her teenage lifestyle lately–staying up late so she can play and party, and being dragged out of bed in the morning with wailing sounds that can only mean, “But I don’t wannnna go to daycaaaare.”

But this morning we were greeted by a special surprise. Nellie’s daycare teacher, who has been out for about a month due to breast cancer surgery, stopped by for one day of playing and bonding with the babies before she starts chemo tomorrow.  It’s unlikely we will see her again until the spring, so it was especially wonderful that she came by today.

Nellie has an awful lot to show off since she last saw her teacher.  Especially walking!

And it’s a shame I didn’t catch it on video, but here she is finishing up her Olympic gymnastics routine.

We’re counting down until the weekend when we head to NY for fun with K. It will be Nellie’s first trip to Brooklyn and Yankee Stadium and wherever else our weekend takes us.

She’s ready.


Father’s Day Baseball

I didn’t even turn on my computer this weekend. Sometimes that’s liberating. But this weekend wasn’t about choosing to be offline and off the grid – we were just too busy. In fact, I’m posting from my phone on our commute into the city.

How is the commute? you ask. Eh. Rainy. Slow. Monday.

I will post a real post. With pictures from a real camera. But since I’ve got some cute ones on my phone, why not share those?

Yesterday we went to Nats stadium for Yankees Nats. We had amazing shady end seats next to concessions, and if the Nats hadn’t been swept this weekend, it would have been perfect. Nellie, of course, was rooting for the Yankees since it was Daddy’s Day.

She was pretty active throughout the game, but was finally happy to settle down…after I gave her my seat.

Nellie couldn’t make it through the game, though — she was out in the fifth.

This picture makes me giggle.

Nellie is the luckiest baby ever.