Easter 2016!

A longer post is coming; it’s been partially drafted for weeks now, and I should probably just press “Post” when I end sentences rather than waiting to actually write full posts these days.  It’s hard to wrap them up, it’s hard to have time to finish them.  But I’ll post that one in the next couple of the days.

It’s always easier to post in the spring and summer.  Easter seems like a good time to kick back into action on the blog!

Here are some photos from our fabulous day today.  The uncles, Great Grandma Nell, Mom and Dad, and K all came over for Easter dinner, and we had a wonderful, happy meal.  The kids got baskets galore — at Mom and Dad’s last night, from the bunny this morning, and from K as well — and enjoyed a huge egg hunt this morning. And I got out on the water for what is turning out to be an annual Easter paddle.  Looking back at last year’s post, I saw that Easter Sunday marked the first time I ever took my race board out.  I can’t believe it has only been a year — seems like I’ve had that board forever.  But more about paddling in another post.  For now, Easter pics!

aIMG_7525 (Large) aIMG_7529 (Large) aIMG_7539 (Large) aIMG_7546 (Large) aIMG_7556 (Large) aIMG_7557 (Large) aIMG_7567 (Large) aIMG_7574 (Large) 2016

The (Really Big) Christmas Post

It’s always hard to believe when Christmas is over — the build-up, the songs, the decorations, the baking, the cooking, the wrapping, and then Christmas itself seems to pass in a blink of an eye. But really, Christmas hasn’t ended.  The decor is still shining; the desserts are still winking with temptation; the presents are still out (and strewn about!), separated from pre-Christmas stuff, basking in their newness; and we have more days at home with our family to enjoy making new festive memories before the holiday clock turns twelve and we wake up to a new year.

We had a wonderful Christmas full of family, activities, and special moments. Because we were all sick in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we crammed an awful lot into that last week — the North Pole party, the festival of lights at the gardens, a last-minute trip to see Santa because Nell wanted to visit him, and then Christmas Eve and Christmas itself.

Santa 2015

From the Festival of Lights at Annmarie Gardens… mostly they roared at the dinosaur lights. And Nell went as Elsa, because why not?20151222_181135-1 download_20151222_191154 download_20151222_191201 download_20151222_191224 download_20151222_191231 download_20151222_191243

We spent Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s house and enjoyed an impressive pork crown roast and pecan pie among other treats.

20151224_174703~2 20151224_180545 20151224_18055420151224_190111

We also got to open a few presents early including one of Nell’s highlights — her PJ Masks Owlette costume that Mom made.  PJ Masks is too new for stores to have anything out, but Nell had been asking for Owlette for months, and Mom used a number of patterns to put it together.  Nell loves it so much that she wore it to school today (I gave her special permission to wear dress-up clothes to school today since it’s a holiday week).

IMG_1318 IMG_1319

After we got home, the kids took their reindeer food from the North Pole party outside to leave for Santa’s reindeer.  Except that it was raining, muddy, and about 80 degrees (or, yanno, close), so all of the reindeer food mostly became a mushy, muddy mess, and Guy went out in his diaper and just ate his reindeer food.  So we didn’t exactly nail this tradition this year, but I am sure we’ll get it in 2016.

20151224_205236 20151224_205114~2

And then, it was Christmas morning.

You want to try fun? Tell a 2 year old who just woke up that he can’t touch the new toys sitting out. He had a really good sense of humor about that.

IMG_7397 (Large)

Finally getting a ride on his new plasmacar from Santa.IMG_7398 (Large) IMG_7400 (Large)IMG_7405 (Large) IMG_7406 (Large) IMG_7408 (Large)

Lollipop at 9am? Sure, why not.IMG_7409 (Large) IMG_7410 (Large)IMG_7412 (Large) IMG_7413 (Large) IMG_7416 (Large) IMG_7418 (Large) IMG_7420 (Large)

Guy discovered the joy of remote controlled cars.IMG_7428 (Large)

Look at the two kids sharing their singing Anna and Elsa dolls…IMG_7430 (Large)

Just kidding.IMG_7431 (Large) IMG_7434 (Large)

This dinosaur was perfect for practicing his ROAR.IMG_7440 (Large) IMG_7438 (Large) IMG_7443 (Large)IMG_7447 (Large)

Empty cinnamon roll pan and Starbucks cup, check.IMG_7448 (Large)IMG_7451 (Large)IMG_7457 (Large)IMG_7458 (Large)IMG_7461 (Large)IMG_7463 (Large)

Dogs got a little spoiled, too, of course.IMG_7454 (Large)

Lucy winning. IMG_7456 (Large)

Sally B winning. IMG_7464 (Large)

Mom and Dad came back later that evening for Christmas dinner, which I worked really hard on, so even though I am way past the capacity of this post, I am going to post some food pics anyway — of beef wellington (the first time I ever made this!); brussels sprouts; wilted swiss chard with honey and balsamic vinegar, walnuts, pomegranate seeds, and parmesan; and rosemary and thyme potatoes.  And, of course, Cookies.
20151225_173420 20151225_173436 20151225_17352620151225_150318 20151225_150309

It was a full and happy holiday, indeed.  And really, it’s still going strong.



Halloweeny Weekend!

We had a fabulous Halloween weekend. K came down for a visit, and we celebrated Halloween by taking the kids to their first movie at the theater — Hotel Transylvania 2.  Both kids LOVE the first movie, so this was an easy choice.  We went to a brand new theater and had it almost to ourselves (10:45 am showing isn’t popular?), and the kids had the best time ever!

This is what sheer excitement looks like:

download_20151102_154155~2 download_20151102_154157~2 download_20151102_154201 download_20151102_154205After the movie, the kiddos changed into their costumes, we lit our pumpkins and set out our candy, and we headed to our neighbor’s house so Nell and Guy could trick-or-treat with their friends in the neighborhood.

They looked precious and had such a great time!  Guy did a small loop before heading back home with G, and Nell got to stay out longer with some of the big kids and do a larger loop before we headed in for the night.

20151031_171403 20151031_171414 20151031_171420~2 20151031_173017

And here’s a pic of Nell with her friend Maddie before they headed out for candy

20151031_173030The fall season is flying by!  Happy November, friends!


Happy Birthday, Guy!

The littlest household minion turns 2 this weekend, but we’ve already had a most “despicable” birthday celebration. There were minion presents, minion balloons, a minion pinata, minions on the cake, and, quite frankly, minions everywhere else that we could put them.

And Guy loved every minute of it.

I’ll do a real two-year post this weekend or next, following Guy’s actual birthday and upcoming well appointment, but in the meantime, here are some very yellow birthday pictures, and a short vid of the happy birthday boy.

(In case you couldn’t tell, the pinata was a big hit.)

IMG_7001 (Large) IMG_7003 (Large) IMG_7006 (Large) IMG_7008 (Large) IMG_7013 (Large) IMG_7014 (Large) IMG_7015 (Large) IMG_7016 (Large) IMG_7023 (Large) IMG_7025 (Large) IMG_7032 (Large) IMG_7036 (Large) IMG_7037 (Large) IMG_7038 (Large) IMG_7039 (Large) IMG_7044 (Large)IMG_7045 (Large)