Just keep swimming


It has been more than three weeks since surgery, a little over halfway through my doctor-prescribed surgical recovery and restrictions.  So far as I can tell, my recovery from the surgery itself seems perfect.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when my restrictions will fall away, and I am desperate to get back on my board and stretch out the muscles that tighten a little more each day.

The serum sickness is still there with aches during the day that stay manageable so long as I keep moving around.  But in the late afternoon/early evening, the pain starts to settle back in like an old friend.  By the end of the evening, my back, my knees, my ankles, my wrists last night — but that one was new — all feel shredded.  My doctor prescribed weeks more of steroids and painkillers, but I am not interested in those.  Luckily my resolve to not fill those prescriptions is stronger during the day when the pharmacies are open.  I question the decision every night when I can no longer walk without pain, but then I wake up the next morning, again thinking it’s going to be a better day.

There isn’t so much online in terms of anecdotes about serum sickness — and I think it’s likely an issue of the fact that no really gets diagnosed with serum sickness.  It’s a guess when all the other obvious things — like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc — get ruled out and nothing more makes sense.  What there are a lot of, however, are stories of shared symptoms, pain that comes back at night, and a discouraging time-frame that makes me think I am in this for the long haul.

So I’m ignoring the aches and pains as best I can, and I’ve got my eye on all the things that will get better and will change as I get deeper into my recovery — like my restriction on swimming, which makes G the designated swim parent right now.  Normally that wouldn’t be an issue — Guy usually spends all his pool time in the shallow end by the fountains, where I can easily play referee, but on our last trip this past weekend, he was all about all of the pool — including all of the slides.

20170305_093233_HDR 20170305_091747_HDR 20170305_090823_HDR

But just look at the sheer happiness on Guy’s face hanging out in the deep end with Daddy:

20170305_095423_HDR~2 20170305_095406_HDR~3 20170305_095430_HDR~2 20170305_095414_HDR~2

I think his fountain days are done.


Sliding Downstairs

On the plus side, Guy can now safely go down the stairs by himself. On the other hand, Guy can now go downstairs by himself. Which opens up an entirely new world of basement toys–from dog bowls to computer wires.

He’s good at listening when I tell him “no,” isn’t he?

* * *

In addition to going down the stairs 95 times today, we also took the kids to the pool for unlimited trips down the water slides. With snow on the way, it was pretty awesome to pull out our swimsuits and spend the day in the warm aquatic center pretending like it was summer again.

20150125_114418 20150125_113714 20150125_113544Aside from the fact that Guy’s swim diaper is officially about three sizes too small, and it was almost impossible to pull the kids out of the water, it was a pretty awesome morning.

Now we’re watching the forecast and dusting off our sleds. We think this might be the week we finally get to play in the snow!


Weekend randoms

*Sorry for the wonky formatting. It’s Monday, and my phone agrees.

Our weekend was a mish mash of things. On Thursday, we met G out at Stoney’s for dinner, enjoying some waterfront dining before the restaurant closes for the season.



Guy was happy with some crackers…


…until he realized Nell had much better food.


Friday night was spent with friends, and in the recurring theme of the weekend, Nell and her best buddy had some delicious food that Guy wanted.


We met up with our friends again on Saturday morning for the toddlers’ first big kid swim class with no adults. Both kids rocked it, and Guy got to enjoy some parent-and-child swim with G in the other pool.


After swim, I took the kids to Mom and Dad’s, where they pulled out some pretty fancy bubble makers.




And last night, after lots of running around and stuff at the house, we finally bit the bullet and gave Guy a haircut. He couldn’t see, and he was getting food stuck in his hair, which was subsequently sticking to his face. It wasn’t pretty.


So it may not be a professional cut, but he looks little boyish, we kept as much as possible, and he seems pleased with the increased visibility.


We are embarking on a big project in the guest house today, which I will post about this week. That place is getting an overdue polish!


It’s been more than a week since my last post.  Since then we’ve rung in the New Year, we’ve de-holiday’ed our home, we’ve flown to Florida and back, we’ve had luggage lost and — far too long thereafter — luggage found.  But most importantly, we paused life long enough to enjoy five wonderful days in Florida with Gramma and Pappa, Rose the dog, Mickey, and Minnie.

I love starting a new year because even though we have 365 days a year to reflect on how good life is and how lucky we are, we’re usually too caught up in the minutiae of everyday life to soak it all in.  Of course we are grateful for those little minutes and moments, but we don’t always step back and look at the big picture.

But in January, we do.

AAP_7734 [Desktop Resolution]

And folks, the big picture is amazing.

AAP_7811 - Copy [Desktop Resolution]

We’re at that exciting time in life when every year brings new things, big changes, life’s milestones.  Engagements, marriages, homes, dogs, kids, jobs.  Every year has brought something major, but in 2014, we’re looking forward to a year to pause — to enjoy our family, our home, our life in Southern Maryland.  Without needs or wants.

(I mean, I want to fit in my pants again.  But I am referring to REAL needs or wants.)  We’re good, and it’s time to pause and enjoy it.

Our first act in the year of enjoyment: our trip to Florida and to Disney World.  Travel was hell and the weather wasn’t Florida’s finest, but it was Fun.  A toddler went to the Magical Kingdom for the very first time — and didn’t want to ever leave — and a baby boy enjoyed his first airplane trip and his first time in a swimming pool.

Here are some of our first memories of 2014…IMG_2080 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2082 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2090 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2093 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2094 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2100 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2106 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2109 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2114 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2133 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2148 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2156 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2157 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2191 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2192 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2194 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2195 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2197 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2202 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2214 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2216 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2224 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2231 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2243 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_2245 [Desktop Resolution]
Happy New Year, friends.


The Beach at Dawn

We were up early this morning — and we took advantage of the quiet morning to walk to the beach in our pajamas with dogs in tow.

And for that hour while we were there, we had the beach almost to ourselves — only a couple others passed us on their morning walks.  As toddler law would predict, a toddler in a swimsuit is content to sit on the sand, but a toddler in regular clothes wants to jump in the water, roll in the sand, and run through the grasses.

And so we did.

Happy holiday weekend!