Mother’s Day

It’s raining again. It has been raining for about two weeks.  A couple days (and I mean two, max) had some sunshine, but they also had rain.  It’s been a very rough start to May when all you want is an early summer — you know, sunshine and warm temperatures before the humidity begins to creep in.  I can’t remember the last time we had such a prolonged period of rain, and I have to say — it’s tough.  Everyone is feeling fatigued from the weather.

But we are doing our best to work around the rain and enjoy the spring we’ve been given.  I had an absolutely wonderful Mother’s Day weekend filled with time outdoors, time with family, and time for me.  On Saturday, we drove up to the farm where we met K, Mom and Dad, the uncles, and Great Grandma Nell.  We enjoyed smoked salmon, deviled eggs, crab dip, and tiramisu; walks through the gardens (Nell refers to the main garden as “the maze”) and the fields; feeding the horses; and, at least for two of us, a significant amount of time spent jumping in (and falling in) a large mud puddle in the field.

mothers day

On Sunday, I got on the water at sunrise, came back in to Starbucks delivery from K, enjoyed time with the kiddos at the park, lunched on the water at Stoneys in Broomes, and got to have dinner at Mom and Dad’s.  I also got Ravens gear and roses, so it was basically a perfect day.

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In the midst of everything else we had going on, my weekend was filled with paddle boarding. I paddled more than 11 miles over the course of the weekend.  I paddled in the rain on Friday night, I paddled with an instructor for technique training and race practice on Saturday morning, and I paddled with a friend who got up before dawn on Sunday to join me for a very early Mother’s Day paddle before wind and rain took over for the day.

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Even despite the dreary weather we’ve had recently, we’ve had beautiful moments peek through as well.  I got to see both the sunrise and the sunset from the beach on Mother’s Day, and I am pretty certain there is no better way to bookend any day.

20160508_071238~2sunset050816 - Copy

Mother’s Day

I had an absolutely wonderful day, and have a big smile on my face this evening.  G knocked it out of the park with a Mother’s Day surprise — he got me a GoPro surf edition for the paddle board!


Mom and Dad came over this morning to watch the kids so that G and I could go out together, and if you can believe it — aside from our race together last summer — this was the first time G and I have ever paddled together.  It was the perfect start to the day.

It was the maiden voyage for G’s board, and G dubbed our outing ‘the three hour tour,’ but it really took only about half that.  But it was the first time in a long time I’ve been able to paddle without worrying about time (thanks Mom and Dad!), so we went all the way down to Flag Ponds, the state park just south of us.

The fog was thick when we headed out, but by the time we landed back at our beach, the sun was shining, and it was shaping up to be a beautiful day!

Headed out into the fog


The boards!  Beached at the state park.


Halfway done with our trip!


G in the home-stretch, and some blue sky starting to appear between the clouds after our trip.

20150510_105534 20150510_105542

Of course the video proof of our trip is way cooler than the photos.  Here’s a little action from the Go Pro.

Headed out toward the state park with G ahead of me.

A view of Flag Ponds as I came in toward the small beach.

Coming in to our beach at the end of our trip  — I was so happy to have gotten out for the long trip, and to have made it back dry!

Speaking of dry… here are a few outtakes from G’s side of the trip.  These boards are extremely narrow and tipsy — great for someone my size, but an elite board for guys.  Needless to say, G was a little shaky on his first trip out — first time out on this board, and first time out this season.  

Of course, if love isn’t getting back on the board and going all the way to the state park because that’s what I wanted to do today, then I don’t know what is.  And he even smiled the whole time.

If you’re wondering what I’m laughing at in this one, it’s G’s less-than-graceful launch from the state park.

Finally, the home stretch — keep your eye on G.  He’d be the figure behind me melting into the water.

We had such a great day today — after the paddle, we took the kids to the beach for the afternoon, and following our beach outing, we spent time outside on the deck.  G cooked dinner tonight (which included wine and jalapenos, so you know I picked it out), and it’s wind-down time tonight.  I couldn’t have asked for a happier day with my family.



Mother’s Day

Today started with breakfast out with K, who came down to help me out this weekend while G worked a gazillion events.  After breakfast, Nell, Guy, and I went shopping for a few of Nell’s favorite things — beach shovels, blue cake mix and purple frosting, and fancy nail polish.  We spent the day under our beach umbrella, digging in the sand and burying toes. We came back for kiddo naps and quiet time on the deck.  And now Mother’s Day is winding down, and we’re all ready to fall into bed.

It’s been a full day of wonderful things.  Of sunshine, and my husband, and my kids.

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I’m so blessed, and today was a fabulous reminder.

IMG_3282 - Copy [Desktop Resolution]


The kids have been hard at work at school this week, which has been obvious by the colorful stained hands and feet they’ve shown me each day at pick-up.  This morning, I finally got to see what they’ve been working on, and Nellie was so proud of her Mother’s Day gifts for me.

I brought them to work, and now my office is full of all kinds of sweet Mother’s Day schwag that basically proves I’m the best mom ever.  In fact, I think some of the items say that outright, so it must be true.

Guy gave me that beautiful blue and green Mom sign that he literally hand-painted himself.  It’s a nice addition to my wall-o-family.  (The document on my board is a letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald to a friend about what it means to learn to write well.  I read it daily.)


Guy also gave me this fancy card, while Nell made me a flower jar with handprint, thumbprint bumblebees, and button flower.IMG1824

And Nell also made me this sweet sign which has joined Baby Guy Easter Bunny on the wall.  <3IMG1826Nell’s presents came in a bag that included on the front her thoughts on what makes Mommy special.  It said,

“My mommy makes me pick cupcakes.”

Which makes me sound like an overzealous, Pinterest-obsessed mother who forces cupcakes upon her child. Thinking about it makes me sad–envisioning this poor kid who spends all day having to sort through cupcakes to find the best ones.  What kind of life is that?

No, I believe what Nell actually said was,

“My mommy makes me pink cupcakes.”

‘Cause, yeah, I do that a lot.  They’re her fave.* IMG1771

*Further evidence of Best Mom Ever-ness.


Almost 6

I think six months is hard.

IMG_7810 [Desktop Resolution]

Having a six month old means round-the-clock nursing sessions during growth spurts, teething episodes, colds, and anything else Google tells me is going on with my baby.

Having a six-month old means you can occasionally put him down in the bouncer or the exersaucer or the other very large baby contraptions you might have, but mostly he wants to be held, pull your hair, and chew on your shoulder.  So it’s still hard to cook dinner, and all of your shirts are covered in drool and baby puke.

A six-month old (at least any six-month old I have ever had) doesn’t sleep through the night and is perfectly willing to play a bit in the middle of the night because he knows he has nap time coming up just a few hours later.

Six-month olds are still adjusting to daycare and germs, which means lots of sick days, lots of missed work days, and lots of constantly feeling behind the eight ball of life.

Having a six-month old means being six months postpartum.  Which means you’re still losing hair, you’re not really losing weight, and you’re very often losing your keys… and anything else you were supposed to remember.

It means fitting in your clothes, but not very well, and generally feeling a bit uncomfortable with your outer appearance to the world.  Which isn’t helped by the fact that your clothes always smell a little like baby vomit.

Having a six month old means you’re no longer in that ‘club.’  That new mom club that offers you a pass.  By six months, people have forgotten you just had a baby.  Or maybe the word ‘just’ no longer applies.  The shiny newness of momhood has worn off–not to the mom, but to the people around her–and suddenly there is an expectation that things should be how they were before the baby.

Six months.  “Your baby should be sleeping through the night, and you should not be so tired.”  “Are you still nursing?”  “Shouldn’t you have lost all the baby weight by now?”  “You just took maternity leave.  Why are you still missing so many days of work?”  “Is your baby always sick?”

And it’s not that people are saying those things, and perhaps they’re not even thinking (all) those things, but the truth is that the six month mark is hard.  Because by six months, it’s supposed to be easy, and you’re supposed to have it all figured out.

I don’t.  Have it all figured out, that is.

It happened last time around this time — a general feeling that I was failing a bit at life.  Feeling worn thin and like I wasn’t doing the best at anything.  And I really don’t need a pass from other people.  I need a pass from myself–an understanding that six months is still really hard.  It’s not perfection and prettiness (oh no, not at all).  In fact, I am getting my hair done this weekend, and I count that as a major victory.

I love babies at six months.  I think it is such a fun age, and Guy is no exception.  He is awesome.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard.

And sometimes it helps just remembering that, and acknowledging that I am trying really hard.

And when all else fails, get a picture of your kid as a bunny.  It’s hilarious, and laughing always helps.


Daycare WIN.  Need a smile?  It’s Baby Guy Easter Bunny.  I put this on the wall in my office.  It’s perfection, really.