NYC and CT

We got back home last night a little after 1am, carried the kids to bed, and dreamed of all the fun we had on our whirlwind adventure to New York and Connecticut.

Here are some of my very favorite pictures.

Of trying on earmuffs at the store…

IMG_5528 (Medium) IMG_5535 (Medium) IMG_5536 (Medium)

Riding the carousel (even if she did insist on the black horse and stick me with the creepy hare)…IMG_5544 (Medium)

Putting on the tiniest ice skates at Bryant Park for endless loops around the rink…IMG_5548 (Medium) IMG_5549 (Medium) IMG_5554 (Medium) IMG_5569 (Medium) IMG_5574 (Medium)Riding the ferris wheel in the Times Square Toys R Us (and getting the My Little Pony car)…
20141214_104053_resized 20141214_110238_resized IMG_2925 IMG_2927 IMG_2930

And trying on her Tinkerbell costume with light-up wings that K bought her at the Disney store…
20141214_135728_resized 20141214_135818_resized

On Sunday morning, we said goodbyes to K and got on the road early to head to Connecticut for a day visit with Aunt Liz, Mikhail, and Oscar.  The cousins got Connecticut pizza, exchanged presents, and played all day together.

IMG_5581 (Medium) IMG_5582 (Medium) IMG_5598 (Medium) IMG_5600 (Medium) IMG_5603 (Medium) IMG_5604 (Medium) IMG_5608 (Medium) IMG_5623 (Medium) IMG_5626 (Medium)We are counting down to the holidays now. Pappa and Gramma K arrive on Thursday, and we have a full slate of holiday activities planned for the weekend. And in just over a week, I heard

that Santa Claus is coming to town!




Cousins in Connecticut

I’m making great progress on fixing my blog today, and thought I’d cap off the repairs with a new post and a back post.  (And, if I’m doing my repairs properly, my subscriber list might actually be back and might even receive this post.)  The new post, of course, is gingerbread robots (see below), and the back post is from just two weeks ago when we drove up to Connecticut to visit Nellie’s cousins.

We packed as much as possible into the weekend, from the beach and playground to the children’s museum, plus a little Christmas celebration.  Aunt Liz was a terrific host, and Nellie has been asking to return ever since.

Here are just some of the pictures we took throughout the weekend.

IMG_1297 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1320 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1326 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1334 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1351 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1372 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1375 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1377 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1389 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1403 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1419 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1421 [Desktop Resolution]

Aunt Liz bought the kids matching Christmas jammies. They’re adorable.IMG_1431 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1436 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1437 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1439 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1541 [Desktop Resolution]

The children’s museum was pretty incredible, even if Nellie did spend an inordinate amount of time painting on the walls with water.IMG_1548 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1551 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1555 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1556 [Desktop Resolution]

For Christmas, we got Mikhail and Oscar a giant train. (Yeah, more a gift for kids to love than for parents…) Anyway, it was a big hit set up on the front porch.IMG_1573 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1595 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1596 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1597 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1598 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1601 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_1604 [Desktop Resolution]

Family Visitors

The blog has been quiet, but the house has been packed — Aunt Liz, Uncle Drei, Cousin M, and little Oscar came to visit this weekend, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Since I’m so far behind on posting pics, this is going to be a photo dump of our weekend’s activities.

Like the playground in Solomons Island (which, unfortunately, came AFTER bowls of mac ‘n cheese had made their way to shirt fronts and dresses):

And boating on calm waters…and swimming around the boat, if you’re G:

And flying a kite over the beach, watching it whip around in the wind over the water:

And ending the weekend with two tiny toddlers jumping over waves at low tide:

It’s been more than a year since the kids have gotten together, but now that everyone’s on the East Coast, we foresee far more cousin get-togethers in the future. And next time, Oscar might not be the youngest anymore!

Birthdays, Cakes, and Birthday Cake Practice

This was actually going to be the last post in my Florida vacay series.  It was the last evening of the trip, as well as the last set of pictures I took on the trip, and also I think that everything is better when it ends with cake.

But it’s Friday (and Fridays go well with cake), and more importantly, it’s K’s birthday.  And since we can’t be in NY tonight to eat cake with her, I thought I would send pictures of babies eating cake and maybe that would be just as good.

The cake we were eating was actually in honor of Mikhail’s ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY.  (I think that means our babies are getting old…sigh…)  His birthday is just one week away, and Gramma and Pappa celebrated on our last night in Florida with a surprise smash cake–his first!

And since Mikhail is a generous boy (and the cake was larger than anticipated), it was a dueling smash cake festivus with each baby facing off in a who-can-smash-better cake contest.

It’s a good time to note that Nellie lost.  Badly.  She gave a small taste to the frosting, but wasn’t too impressed.  She didn’t even get any frosting on her pretty new outfit.  On the other side of the deliciousness spectrum, Mikhail eventually was so covered in frosting that he resembled the Hulk.

It’s fortunate that Nellie has two months left to practice before her real smash cake experience–this was a poor showing by the monkey.

But the entire event, which G caught on video, was hilarious.  Cake not only makes everything better–but it makes kids even cuter.

As you can see, Nellie thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  She just didn’t find it nearly as delicious as her cousin did.

~ Day 5 of posts from our trip to Florida. They might go in order, they might not.  They might be themed, they might not. They will all be adorable. ~


The last time Nellie and Mikhail were together was in September when Nellie was only six weeks old.

Just look at them now!

It was so much fun to bring them together again, eight months later. They are only two months apart, Mikhail turning one in June and Nellie behind him in August.  As babydom goes, however, two months time can mean worlds of difference.  Mikhail is walking (everywhere!), while Nellie is just experimenting with weight on her feet.  And while she will launch into a pretty mean crawl if she spies something she really wants (dog toys are high on this list, as are remotes, phones, and hot beverages), she is otherwise pretty content to stay in one spot and play.

Even though Nellie would have loved nothing more than to sit and play with Mikhail, he had places to go and things to see — like what the drawers and cupboards and rooms were hiding. Nellie tried her best, though.  She tried to hold his hand, and when he turned away from her, she spied another way to make him pay attention to her.

Baby girl isn’t subtle.

There were moments of playtime together.

With drums.

With rattles.

And with a scooter.

But for the most part, they were two separate little personalities with separate interests exploring separate worlds of fun.

Even when we tried to pose them for pictures in their fancy new outfits from Gramma K and Pappa Tom.

I like to call this picture, “how many hands does it take to keep Mikhail in a seat”.

As you can see, he has boundless energy.

But even Nellie wouldn’t sit still for photos.  Places to crawl, and toys to lick.

~ Day 2 of posts from our trip to Florida. They might go in order, they might not.  They might be themed, they might not. They will all be adorable. ~