Last week was a hard week.  Last week, we said goodbye to Lucy.  In Nell’s words, she was “the goodest dog of ours.”  There is never a good time or an easy time to go through a loss like that, but it was especially heartbreaking to lose her only days before the summer began.  Summer was her favorite season. She loved sitting in the sun and swimming in the water.

Before the weekend, I took Nell to the nursery to pick out yellow roses to remember Lucy.  She chose her favorite four rose bushes along with a little memorial sign.  G planted the roses yesterday, and I hope that our front garden will one day be full of yellow roses and reminders of the goodest dog.

I took a lot of pictures of Lucy in her last few days–she gave us time to prepare for the goodbye–but those last images of her are not how I want to remember her, so I’ll save those in a folder, but I wont post them here.  Instead, I’ll post my favorite Lucy pictures–the ones attached to wonderful memories of a really good dog.

In absolutely no particular order except the order in which their file names are saved, here are some wonderful memories of Lucy, Lucy Goose, the Goose, Goober:

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Mother’s Day

Today started with breakfast out with K, who came down to help me out this weekend while G worked a gazillion events.  After breakfast, Nell, Guy, and I went shopping for a few of Nell’s favorite things — beach shovels, blue cake mix and purple frosting, and fancy nail polish.  We spent the day under our beach umbrella, digging in the sand and burying toes. We came back for kiddo naps and quiet time on the deck.  And now Mother’s Day is winding down, and we’re all ready to fall into bed.

It’s been a full day of wonderful things.  Of sunshine, and my husband, and my kids.

IMG_3294 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3296 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3299 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3301 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3315 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3320 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3325 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3331 [Desktop Resolution]

I’m so blessed, and today was a fabulous reminder.

IMG_3282 - Copy [Desktop Resolution]


Nell’s favorite babysitters came by for a few hours this morning so G and I could begin to tackle the garage, which has been neglected since our move.  Boxes, furniture, garbage bags full of stuff, and every tool that has ever been invented, have been sitting in heaps and piles, blocking doors, keeping our cars out, and burdening us with this ever-present reminder that we still have a lot of work to do before we’re actually ‘moved in’.

When you move, the pressure of packing compels you to throw away stuff you would have  otherwise kept forever. Saying ‘toss it’ is usually significantly easier than whatever effort might be required to keep, pack, and move something.  But we moved so quickly — and used just our truck to get back and forth between our old house and the new garage — that a lot of things were thrown in without necessarily being ‘packed’ or considered.

Just as it is easy to say ‘toss it’ when you’re moving, it is equally easy to say ‘toss it’ when you’re trying to plow through a mountain of crap that you’ve lived without for the better part of a year and can’t imagine finding space for inside.

So after a lot of hours moving stuff and unpacking boxes and remembering things we used to use, and after one giant truck load to the dump, we finally got one bay of the garage entirely clear, one bay well on its way, and — well, we’re ignoring the third bay. But the TRUCK IS IN!  It was a proud moment, indeed.

But cleaning the garage was only one half of our weekend — and a very small part of Nellie’s.  For her, the weekend was about swimming: swim class, the beach, the beach, and the beach.  I wash swimsuits and swim diapers on a daily basis these days.

Saturday swim class with Dad


Not impressed with Daddy’s bubble-blowing skills:

Saturday at the beach with Lucy and Sally (Linus went to the beach, but didn’t get to swim due to his ear infection from his LAST swim).

She was cold after swimming with Lucy and insisted on a wardrobe change when we went home to fetch Sally.

Daughter, Dad, and dog…deep, deeper, deepest.

Making phone calls while she waits for Linus to get leashed up:

Reason #9572957392 why G is her favorite:

and higher