Halloweeny Weekend!

We had a fabulous Halloween weekend. K came down for a visit, and we celebrated Halloween by taking the kids to their first movie at the theater — Hotel Transylvania 2.  Both kids LOVE the first movie, so this was an easy choice.  We went to a brand new theater and had it almost to ourselves (10:45 am showing isn’t popular?), and the kids had the best time ever!

This is what sheer excitement looks like:

download_20151102_154155~2 download_20151102_154157~2 download_20151102_154201 download_20151102_154205After the movie, the kiddos changed into their costumes, we lit our pumpkins and set out our candy, and we headed to our neighbor’s house so Nell and Guy could trick-or-treat with their friends in the neighborhood.

They looked precious and had such a great time!  Guy did a small loop before heading back home with G, and Nell got to stay out longer with some of the big kids and do a larger loop before we headed in for the night.

20151031_171403 20151031_171414 20151031_171420~2 20151031_173017

And here’s a pic of Nell with her friend Maddie before they headed out for candy

20151031_173030The fall season is flying by!  Happy November, friends!



G worked all day Sunday (and Monday and Monday night and Tuesday…) so the kids and I went to Mom and Dad’s house for a fun day of fall activities.  We painted pumpkins, we carved pumpkins, we made Halloween necklaces, and we basically camped out for the day at their house and were still sad to leave in the evening, even though the puppies needed us and bedtime was calling.  Mom grabbed a whole bunch of pictures of the fun on her phone:

IMG_1286 IMG_1280 IMG_1265 IMG_1279  IMG_1275 IMG_1273 IMG_1272 IMG_1270  IMG_1268 IMG_1266

And when we finally got Guy down for a nap (which took forever, and I really thought he was going to celebrate his first day of 2-dom by going napless), Nell disappeared to hang out with Dad, which meant that I got to take a few minutes by myself and paddle around their lake on Mom’s kayak.

Luckily, I had brought my paddling gear.  You know, just in case.


I miss the beach days, but I sure do love fall around here.


Halloween Rehearsal

It’s been such a busy weekend that I am going to have to do this post in chunks.  First chunk: Halloween costumes!  With one week left, we’re in full Halloween mode.  Friday night we changed the kids into their costumes after school and went back to their center for the annual fall festival with all of their friends.

Nell is Periwinkle this year — Tinkerbell’s sister with identical light-up wings. Mom made her adorable costume since Periwinkle is impossible (literally) to find.  To go with Periwinkle, Guy is Peter Pan.  He doesn’t seem to really care either way, but his costume came with a sword that he really likes.

Getting ready to head into the festival with their friends

IMG_7049 (Large) IMG_7051 (Large)

I don’t even know…IMG_7054 (Large) IMG_7057 (Large)

Playing on the playground with a couple of her best school friends — the school yard was really dark, so Nell’s light-up wings were the most awesome costume accessory there.IMG_7061 (Large) IMG_7064 (Large)

There is a parent competition at all of the daycare festivals. This festival’s competition was a chili cook-off.  8-10 families competed (I didn’t count crock pots), and I contributed a spicy chili verde to the competition. Here’s a prep picture — these winning veggies took home first place and scored us a week of tuition at daycare!

The following morning, we were up early for Nell’s last soccer game (I’ll do that post separately).  Her soccer game was south in Solomon’s right next to Annmarie Gardens, which was convenient since Annmarie was having its annual Halloween in the Garden.  So the kids changed back into their costumes and trick-or-treated through the garden to all the local businesses that set of tables and games.  It was a beautiful day to walk through the gardens (with 10,000 other people…).

Here are some out-of-order pics from the afternoon. Guy ate his way through the garden and fell asleep in a sugar coma before we even left.
IMG_7215 (Large) IMG_7213 (Large)
I’d run from Guy with a sword, too…
IMG_7212 (Large)IMG_7203 (Large)
At the end of the walk was a guy dressed like a minion.  Guy sprinted to him as soon as he saw him and had to be carried away multiple times. He just wanted to spend all afternoon with the minion.

IMG_7226 (Large) IMG_7228 (Large) IMG_7233 (Large)
But MO-om, it’s a MINION.

IMG_7239 (Large)While Guy was launching himself into the fountain and running around like a maniac pre-super nap, Nell waited patiently in line FOREVER to get her face painted. She was so pleased with the results.20151024_12063820151024_121157 20151024_121135So many more pictures to share from this weekend, but we are all exhausted, and it’s time to get to bed. The countdown to Halloween is officially on!



Nellie just returned from her very first adventure trick-or-treating, and she had a fantastic time. Guy and I stayed home to hand out candy, while G and Nellie linked up with our neighbor friends and went house-to-house in a big, fun group. By the time they got to our house, which was Nellie’s last stop, she was beaming from ear to ear. After, of course, she took a handful of candy from our bucket to put in her bag.

Here are this year’s fabulous little Halloween photos. In case you were wondering, Nellie didn’t go as a princess at all. She chose to be Doc McStuffins, which was perfect to go with Guy’s dragon, Stuffy.

IMG_4871 (Medium) IMG_4875 (Medium) IMG_4881 (Medium) IMG_4883 (Medium) IMG_4900 (Medium) IMG_4903 (Medium) IMG_4909 (Medium) IMG_4912 (Medium) IMG_4915 (Medium)
Happy Halloween!


A happy Halloween

Guy is one week old today, and we’re making a lot of progress in growth, recovery, and adjustment.  My recovery over the first few days in the hospital and then at home was harder than it was after my first c-section, and it was frustrating to feel so much pain when I expected to be better sooner.  But even though recovery has its own timetable, it happens, and a week out, I am feeling pretty good.  I still can’t really lift Nellie (and shouldn’t), and I won’t be running any marathons or, yanno, errands, but for the most part I am pain-free and focusing on growing stronger at this point.  (And losing the postpartum belly, but it seems that has its own maddening timetable as well — one that is apparently longer than “a week”.)

Yesterday, G, Guy, and I took Lucy to the beach and enjoyed a very quiet and calm day on the water.  Lucy pretended to fetch sticks, and Guy snoozed in his K’tan carrier and clearly found the sound of the water and an October breeze to be the ideal conditions for napping.

It was just what this mama needed to start feeling like normal again.

Nellie wasn’t interested in trick-or-treating last night, so we stayed in to see the kids who showed up at our house.  We didn’t expect any to make the long trek down the road to our house, but surprisingly we got a good number of costumed visitors.

Today, however, Nellie was thrilled to don her Minnie Mouse costume for her school party and trick-or-treating parade.

This is G’s last workday at home, and Mom and Dad headed to NJ for the weekend to see Grandma Nell, so our schedule is still kind of wacky — especially when we try to get ALL of us out of the house.  Needless to say, Nellie was “late” to school today, but we got her there just in time to join the parade, which had lined up inside and was minutes from walking out the door with goody bags in hand.  Her jaw literally dropped when G walked her in and she saw all the kids in their costumes.

We stuck around for the parade, which was TOO cute, and all the kids were having a blast as they went to the local businesses in the shopping center — the barber shop, the paint shop, and the 7-Eleven.

Nell’s best buddy in his awesome football costume.

Some of Nellie’s friends in their too-cute costumes

Happy Halloween!  On to November!