Pre-Easter, Easter Fun

We are getting ready for Easter around here. Since I am desperately behind on holiday preparations and anything else life-related, Mom and Dad stepped in and hosted the egg dyeing party today.  Nell took her time and enjoyed the colors available to her, while Guy dyed all of his eggs blue as fast as he could.  You will notice the rapid accumulation of light blue eggs…

20170409_091641_HDR 20170409_091759_HDR 20170409_091808_HDR 20170409_091841_HDR

Officially the fastest egg dyeing party ever, but the kids had a blast!  Even if we did end up with a very blue non-assortment of eggs.


After the real eggs came the fake eggs: the county hosts massive egg hunts for all of the different age groups at each of the country parks, so this afternoon, Nell and Guy joined a gazillion other 3-5 year olds on the field to scoop up 2,000 eggs with candy and prize tickets.

The face of a competitor.

IMG_8511 IMG_8509 IMG_8507 IMG_8505 IMG_8500 IMG_8497 20170409_143107_HDR

Of course, downtime is pretty good, too, when you’re a toddler with a basket.IMG_8486 IMG_8485 IMG_8484 20170409_143244_HDR  Look how well-behaved we look…20170409_141559_HDR

We didn’t hang out with the Easter bunny at the park — he looked too intimidating — but Nell did sit down at the daycare egg hunt with this totally legit, not at all creepy looking version…


And yes, it was 30 degrees on Friday for that picture, and 70 degrees today.  Must be spring in Maryland.

Easter 2016!

A longer post is coming; it’s been partially drafted for weeks now, and I should probably just press “Post” when I end sentences rather than waiting to actually write full posts these days.  It’s hard to wrap them up, it’s hard to have time to finish them.  But I’ll post that one in the next couple of the days.

It’s always easier to post in the spring and summer.  Easter seems like a good time to kick back into action on the blog!

Here are some photos from our fabulous day today.  The uncles, Great Grandma Nell, Mom and Dad, and K all came over for Easter dinner, and we had a wonderful, happy meal.  The kids got baskets galore — at Mom and Dad’s last night, from the bunny this morning, and from K as well — and enjoyed a huge egg hunt this morning. And I got out on the water for what is turning out to be an annual Easter paddle.  Looking back at last year’s post, I saw that Easter Sunday marked the first time I ever took my race board out.  I can’t believe it has only been a year — seems like I’ve had that board forever.  But more about paddling in another post.  For now, Easter pics!

aIMG_7525 (Large) aIMG_7529 (Large) aIMG_7539 (Large) aIMG_7546 (Large) aIMG_7556 (Large) aIMG_7557 (Large) aIMG_7567 (Large) aIMG_7574 (Large) 2016

Easter Eggs

It has been quite the week. Guy has been sick and then kinda better and then way sicker, and we’ve barely been able to get a full day of work in, and then my breast pump broke (which is basically a crisis for any pumping mama), and the short story of this week is that it was rough.  But it was sandwiched between two fabulous Easter celebrations — an egg dyeing party with Nellie’s best buddies last weekend, and then our Easter dinner today — and Guy is all better now, so we’re in pretty good spirits over here.

But because of our crazed week, I haven’t had a chance to get to the blog — especially since there were more than 200 pictures to weed through after our egg party last weekend — so this is going to be a bit of a photo dump.

An Easter Eggstravanganza, if you will.

Nellie was so excited to dye eggs with her friends — she sat patiently at her table for most of the afternoon waiting for them to arrive, and she threw her smock on as soon as the white van pulled into our driveway.

The kids got regular dye as well as little paint swirler things that were cool in theory, but a lot of work to execute — and the dye didn’t dry very well.  I think regular ol’ dye and vinegar still wins the day.

IMG_7742 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7749 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7752 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7761 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7764 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7775 [Desktop Resolution]

After eggs, we took a break to hang out outside — it was BEAUTIFUL.  Nellie and her buddy were inseparable, of course, and Baby H just tried her best to play with them.

IMG_7787 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7793 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7803 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7808 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7832 [Desktop Resolution]

Then it was back inside for an Easter dinner of ham and macaroni and cheese followed by dessert decorating, a la the toddlers.  Nellie covered her cupcakes, while her buddy took a more measured approach.  Baby H just ate them because she knows what she likes.

IMG_7834 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7846 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7848 [Desktop Resolution]

We decided to work off dinner with a walk to the beach, and Nellie got a ride to the beach in her blue Mini Cooper, which she is still a little too short to drive by herself but which fits her buddy perfectly.  I can’t remember the last time I saw her happier than when she was being driven by him on their toddler date to the beach.

They play so well together and have such a good time together, it is hard to believe sometimes that they are only 2.  And if you ask them each who their best friend is, the answer is obvious.

IMG_7853 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7858 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7859 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7860 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7878 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7885 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7902 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7906 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7924 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7934 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_7938 [Desktop Resolution]

It’s been a week, and Nellie is still talking about her Easter party, which ended with two toddlers huddled under blankets watching Frozen.  Nellie has been begging to throw another Easter party to have her friend back over for eggs and Frozen.

But today was Nellie’s second Easter party, this one of the bunny variety. And just in case you were wondering, yes, the bunny made it to our little strip of harbor.  Hopping paws and all.*

IMG_3168 [Desktop Resolution]

The day started off with Easter baskets and a special Frozen trunk of dresses, followed by an egg hunt through the yard.

IMG_3115 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3116 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3126 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3142 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3145 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3149 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3154 [Desktop Resolution]

After Nell had found all the eggs, she came back in to try on her Elsa and Anna dresses before settling down for Frozen and a nap.

IMG_3171 [Desktop Resolution] IMG_3174 [Desktop Resolution]

We just finished our Easter dinner — leg of lamb, roasted butternut squash and portobello mushrooms with goat cheese, asparagus, and crescent rolls.  G, Guy, and Nellie are hanging out, and we are all trying to get ready for what we hope will be a regular week of five daycare days and five work days and two very healthy kids.

And maybe just a few more hours of Easter fun.

*I didn’t do that, and we have no idea who did. I mean, I like Pinterest as much as anybody, but even I recognize that sleep triumphs painting bunny paws down the street.