Our House Tour

Did you notice? There’s a new clicky button up there on the nav bar. I’ve been wanting to collect all of our remodel photos in one spot, rather than scattered throughout the blog in posts here and there.  I finally got most of it together tonight, and I’m so excited to look back and remember what this house looked like seven months ago and how far we’ve come since then toward making this house our home.  I’ll keep that page updated (and add a few other spots I couldn’t find pictures of tonight), but in the meanwhile, check out the tour.  And, of course, come visit in person!


There is a trick to making Nellie smile — one cure-all that can make her smile No Matter What.

My laptop.

But not just any ol’ part of my laptop — my wifi button.  See her mischievous right thumb in the picture above from last night?

And below?

And this morning before daycare.

This button has become her obsession.  It makes getting work done really difficult, but it always makes her smile.

Making Room

I’m doing a lot of cleaning out lately.  (Not to be confused with “cleaning.” I don’t want to get G’s hopes up for nothing.)

Cleaning out rooms and moving out furniture. Keeping what’s most important and selling the rest.  Thinking about the future and what our house will look like in 2, 5, 10 years.

Cleaning out my life and streamlining everyday processes.  Making space in my schedule for the things that matter most.

And I’m cleaning out this blog.  Getting rid of spam and old links and crap that doesn’t belong.  I’m not sure if you heard, but the blog is moving.  This blog has grown a lot in three years, and it’s time for it to have a place of its own.

But more details about that soon…

Suffice it to say, cleaning things out feels really good.  Old furniture isn’t taking up so much space anymore.  I’m finding time to write–even if it is just a page a day–and flex my creative muscles. And I’m excited about the next stage of this blog, and how much I’ve come to love this little capsule of daily being.  It’s like an overeager soccer parent on the sidelines of life–sometimes a little pushy and a little needy, but most of the time, it’s there recording the best moments of life and lending an ear when halftime oranges taste more like lemons.

My favorite part about cleaning life out? It makes room for new treasures and unexpected experiences.

Speaking of “experiences”, we sold our beautiful iron bed last week on Craigslist. And our buyer was a lovely lady who just happened to bring…

…her cockatoo, Elvis.

Happy weekending. Clean something out today. You’ll love it, I promise.

Preparing to Launch

I’m busy cleaning up the old blog, transferring files, checking links, and doing all that import/export stuff that no one ever tells you about when you first start your blog.

Check back next week for the official launch of Raising Nell.

Then bookmark it, follow it, share it, blog about it, tweet about it, tell everyone you know about it.  Yanno, the usual.

Buttons: A note from me to you

Editor’s Note:

Sometimes I write my blogs in one quick rush of energy and thought.  Other times, my blogs appear in phases, in drafts–with changes, edits, and even (!) deletions.

For most of my readers, those phases are unseen — magic, if you will — but for others of you who loyally follow my blog and get my posts via email, I thought I should let you know:

My baby is obsessed with my laptop.  And sometimes she pushes buttons.  Sometimes, those buttons are number keys, and result in Lost-like codes being entered into my posts.  Sometimes, after playing the role of contributing editor, she even goes so far as to publish posts while they’re still in their naked, getting-ready-for-the-party phase.

So if you receive a post that is, well, undressed, void of pictures, and markedly different from the post that appears online, just know…

Nellie published it.  It was her fault.