School’s Out

For the summer!

Well, even though I’m not on the blog so much these days because time is simply something I don’t have, I did want to post a little bit to celebrate the end of the school year. Nell is a first grader now, which is almost impossible for me to believe. Even though she was a school-ager already, she was a kindergartner, and kindergarten is different — it’s still young, it’s still my baby.  But now she is one of those school kids who know the routines in the halls, who can handle the lunch room, and who carry their backpack like a pro.  Wait, no, she still wants me to carry that.

nell kindergarten

She’s taller, she’s smarter, and she has grown up so much this year (even though, yanno, she was five when she started kindergarten, and she is still five years old, much to her dismay — she recently discovered she will always be the youngest in her class, and she was NOT pleased).

She had a wonderful school year, and we were really lucky to have such a wonderful teacher (and teacher’s assistant, who Nell adored).  It’s hard to remember the beginning of the year, but now she can add and subtract, she can read almost anything (and tries to read everything), and I definitely can’t spell words in front of her anymore — that game is OVER.

She has also gotten stronger and more confident.  She has been doing a CrossFit kids program since Easter, and it has been an excellent experience for her.  She can carry kettlebells, rope climb, do burpees, and is close to doing complete pull-ups on her own.  She practices on a bar she has at home with various attachments, and she is so proud of her progress.  She practices every night and is proud of her strength and her new skills.

I am so happy with Nell’s school, which has a really strong spirit and sense of community. This weekend, I joined members of the PTA and teachers from the school to paddle in a series of dragon boat races as part of a massive fundraising event to benefit End Hunger in Calvert County.  More than 10,000 families in Calvert County rely on the organization, including families at Nell’s school, so it was an honor to help raise $4000 to support this organization along with other members of Nell’s school community.  Here are a few shots G took of the event.

IMG_8530 IMG_8538 IMG_8541

First race of the day — we got our butts kicked in this race but it was a great *learning experience* of what not to do!  We did much better in our second and third races.IMG_8552 IMG_8559

Game face was on! (So were my jellyfish pants, for one race anyway!)IMG_8580 IMG_8587 IMG_8600

Race two, second place — a little bit better!IMG_8636 IMG_8661

Our third race was for the division cup (PTA versus teachers).  We took the trophy, but it was nothing but smiles on both teams. Our team motto may have been “in it to win it” but really, the motto was “two boats, one team.”IMG_8682

Now that school is out, we’re in full summer mode. Beach days, pool nights, mermaid tails, and beach towels hanging on every rack and rail. It’s going to be a great summer!

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